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Tomrrow meeting

Everybody must come for tomorrow meeting , and bring along with u all the required documents in order to discuss the next business plan with RNQ company
Yesterdays's meeting

Everyone who have attended Yesterdays's meeting shall see me by tomorrow with his latest updates
Today's meeting

Everyone please try to be sharp

Why us ?

We are professional purchaser from YiWu market and other markets of China. Our company has been established by qualified and experienced working team who are fluently in English, Chinese and Arabic who can communicate with customers very well.

With more than 10000 factories and supplier’s sources, understanding the shipping terms, pricing, documentation, and using a good freight forwarder, we guarantee our service with the best offers and choices.

We always make sure that your orders are free from delay and human errors; by keeping in close contact with the factories and run background checks to ensure your goals are met in term of time and product design.

Moreover we have the ability to solve issues related to the payment, quality, communication and warranty, so we can save money and time for you. You only need to deal with us, while we are dealing with the others for you.

We will highly appreciate to receive any of your inquiries and requirements; sincerely wish to cooperate with you. Please contact us at your convenience.



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